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Super Cold Smoking at -10℃

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NKC / Kaimen

Swinburne University of Technology

Gup (Terry) Chen, Jackie Lin

Mark Vandersteen

Kyoto Institute of Technology

Ayaka Mizuno, Laura Hoppula,

Shin Okamoto, Zhen Li

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Over the years, camping and outdoor barbecues have become an increasingly popular way for people to come together, and the trend accelerated with the coronavirus pandemic. Outdoor cooking, however, almost always involves "heating" the food. With the increasing diversity in the way we eat and camp, people are looking for new ways to enjoy food outside.
In order to satisfy those desires, students from the Kyoto Institute of Technology and Swinburne University of Technology have created an entirely new cooking method, super cold smoking, and the device that enables it, Mogii.
Mogii is the world's first super cold smoking device that smokes as low as -10℃. It cools the smoke from burning wood chips and keeps ingredients cold during the smoking process. 
This entirely new cooking process allows people to smoke foods that were not possible with other methods such as ice cream and sashimi. Mogii also adds a twist to other everyday foods such as cheese and salmon so that people can experiment and discover new unexpected flavors.
The operation of Mogii is simple for everyone: turn on the power, burn the smoke chips, and set the cooling temperature and time. The transparent lid makes the smoke visible, raising excitement as the food is slowly flavored. 
Checkout the mogii concept video here

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