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Plan & See

A Chatbot Streamline

Company​-Customer Interaction

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University of St.Gallen

Antonia Heiss, Ennio Limbach,

Rachel Marcu

Kyoto Institute of Technology

Yuki Katagiri, Nabihah Khalid,

Thomas Son

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Plansee, the global market leader in molybdenum and tungsten production, faced a problem that customers requests for prototypes were increasing. These kinds of requests were not being handled by Plansee's existing workflow processes. Something new was needed, and this was the challenge that was given to the student team from the Kyoto Institute of Technology and the University of St. Gallen. How might we create the best prototyping experience for Plansee’s key customers and employees by redesigning their on-boarding process of new projects?

The student team first identified the current issues encountered by Plansee customers and employees during on-boarding processes. Upon doing research, the team found that information can often be lost in the pipeline between experts, account managers, and the customers, causing inefficiencies and delays. The team's solution Plan&See solved this problem.

Plan&See is a chatbot-based communication platform for Plansee customers and employees. Jana, the personal online assistant interacts with customers and analyzes the text in order to send the request to different departments in the company. Centralized database makes sure that employees are on top of customer requests and that information flows seamlessly between responsible parties. What used to take dozens of e-mail messages and phone calls can now be simplified down to intuitive interactions with Jana.

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