KYOTO Design Lab


The KYOTO Design Lab (D-Lab) was founded in 2014 as the incubator for innovation at the Kyoto Institute of Technology. Since then, the D-Lab has executed numerous projects in design and architecture with corporate and academic partners around the world. In addition to the projects, the D-Lab has built up impressive facilities for students to create prototypes with both traditional and cutting edge fabrication tools. ME310/SUGAR students all have access to these facilities for creating their prototypes

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The ME310/SUGAR loft

The loft is a dedicated space for students teams to work on their projects. The versatile space can be used for meetings, lectures, brainstorming, video conferencing, and even rough prototyping. The loft acts as the home base for the student teams and a gathering space for the larger community with regularly scheduled social events to maximize communication and serendipity. In addition to team spaces and communal area, there is a prototyping space with hand tools and basic bench top tools so that teams can quickly realize their ideas.

Kyoto’s Manufacturing Ecosystem

While Kyoto is known as the center of Japan's traditional culture, it is also an important hub for the precision manufacturing, information technology, life sciences, and electronics industry in Japan. The city boasts countless experts as well as SME fabrication shops that can handle various kinds of requests with quick turnaround times. In the past, teams have outsourced portions of their final prototype for better precision and refinement.